First and foremost, I help people.

Whether in my role as an individual, couple, or group therapist, I have the empathy and patience to sit with struggle, chaos, and suffering, and the training to guide people towards their goals. I am comfortable conducting both long term and short term courses of therapy. I am pragmatic and flexible, selecting the clinical approach that will be most helpful for my clients.


I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, a graduate of New York University’s School of Social Work. I have been in private practice as a psychotherapist since 2010.

I work with adults who have the full spectrum of outpatient psychological difficulties, such as depression, anxiety, social or specific phobias, relationship or professional problems, and end-of-life concerns. Most of my clients come to me with specific problems with either their own feelings or behaviors or with specific problems in their relationships.

While I believe that insight into one’s self is vitally important – and a good lifelong goal – achieving your desired change is the evidence of a successful course of therapy. Hence I begin each treatment by identifying our goal. In the words of Jay Haley, one of the founders of family therapy: “For therapy to end well, it must begin well.” You and I will clarify your objectives at the outset of the treatment, and address them collaboratively and head-on.

Most clients find me exceptionally relatable. I bring a great deal of lived experience to my treatment and do not stand by like the aloof type of therapist frequently portrayed in the movies. My life experiences – as varied as extensive volunteerism in the field of palliative care, running the trading desk of a successful hedge fund, partnering, and parenting – have given me a wide lens through which to see potential solutions for you.

Is it time to start working on some of your concerns? I’ll be happy to speak with you and tell you how I think I can help.

How may I help you?